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Ellen’s Deluxe Milk Ice Cream: The Thessaloniki ice cream that travels to London, Paris

From Evosmos, where Elena Giannakidou has her workshop, she creates flavors that evoke something from the past, without additives and preservatives. Where high confectionery turns into ice cream, hides the name of a woman who grew up among vanilla and cocoa and dreamed of a cool sweet treat that stands out. Elena Giannakidou created Ellen’s Deluxe Milk Ice Cream in Thessaloniki six years ago, aiming to honor her grandfather's ice cream tradition with flavors reminiscent of the past and a product …

Ellen’s Ice Cream on TV100

We had the opportunity to give a beautiful interview to TV100 and to the show "Ta Kathekasta" and to talk about our company's products, our history, our course and our goals! Enjoy the whole interview on our new YouTube channel! …