Ellen's Deluxe
handmade milk
ice cream

When high
pastry art met
ice cream

Ellen’s ice cream, a luxury handmade milk ice cream, has been produced in Greece for over 15 years.

Inspired by the art of high-quality confectionery, it is made with love, passion, knowledge, and attention to detail.

The delicious delights offered by Ellen’s ice cream create unforgettable memories…

  • Exquisite raw materials For the preparation of Ellen's ice cream, pure raw materials are used, carefully selected from all over the world.
  • Pure ingredients Σε κανένα στάδιο της διαδικασίας παρασκευής, δεν χρησιμοποιούνται σακουλάκια, σκόνες ή χημικά στοιχεία, διασφαλίζοντας την αγνότητα του προϊόντος.
  • Luxury flavor A luxurious ice cream distinguished for its harmonious flavor, pleasant mouthfeel, and velvety texture.
ice 1
  • Unique flavors Ellen's ice cream is produced in a variety of high confectionery flavors designed to satisfy even the most demanding palate.
  • Premium Texture Without inflation and without the addition of air. As a result, Ellen's ice cream is characterized by a velvety and chewy texture
  • Limited quantities Ellen's ice cream is frozen in a vertical traditional Cattabriga machine. It is produced in limited quantities, using traditional handmade methods.
salted caramel
dark chocolate and orange

From the initial phase of selecting the materials to the production of the final product, we adhere to strict rules and prohibitions on procedures and the use of substances that may negatively affect the character and quality of our ice cream, while also proving harmful to health.

In our ice cream you will NOT find:


Deluxe Flavors


Super Deluxe Flavors


Gold Deluxe Flavors

Small and large secrets that make Ellen's Milk Ice Cream unique and distinctive.

Our ice cream is created using the traditional vertical Cattabriga machine, without inflation and without the addition of air. The result is an ice cream characterized by a velvety and chewy texture.

This is a high confectionery product, prepared with strict adherence to mathematical tables and preceded by a nutritional analysis of the raw materials. Additionally, we maintain strict proportional ratios in our ingredients, using exclusively natural raw materials.

At no stage of the preparation process do we use sachets, powders, or chemical elements, ensuring the purity of the product.

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